Picnic is an immersive food truck park which brings the outdoor dining experience indoors with ever changing themes. Voidworks was commissioned to design and develop a system to control over 2000 lights in realtime, creating a dynamic ambience by connecting different data sources.

Space designed by Quarters. Lights provided by Philips. Picnic by Omakase Holdings.

Generative algorithms take in images, data feeds, color palettes and other parameters to create animations which respond to the weather, the time of the day, and the prevailing theme of the restaurant. For example, the luminous textile panels mounted on the ceiling responds to weather data from the National Environment Agency (NEA).

At the same time, the functional downlights work in tandem with the individual LEDs, the light strips as well as the color spotlights to create a holistic experience, for lunch, evening and dinner times.

These are highly configurable by an admin user without any programming knowledge, via a friendly interface. For example, the user can upload an image and the system can automatically pick out colours and apply to all or any of the predefined areas in the restaurant. The admin can also upload a video to play on the pre-mapped luminous textiles. These settings can then be saved and reused for certain themes or events.