In collaboration with award-winning photographer Stefen Chow, The Play Project is an aerial survey of 100 playgrounds across Singapore funded by SG50.

Using the familiar MRT line as navigation, the website encourages its visitors to view the playgrounds from a different perspective. The MRT map acts as both as a navigational tool and a visual infographic for visitors to learn more about playgrounds in Singapore. By entering postal codes, they are able to find about more about playgrounds located near specific addresses.

Upon selecting a playground, visitors are able to read more about the playground, as well as view the aerial photo with a magnifying glass. This enables them to experience the playground in ways that they may have not seen before, such as  discovering graphical elements on the flooring that goes unnoticed at ground level.

Encouraging a social experience

To build a more engaging experience, users are also encouraged to share memories by uploading their own images and comments at each playground location.