Voidworks designed and developed a series of microsites to facilitate events-based marketing activities by Uniqlo, including festivals and current events.

Voidworks was first commissioned by Uniqlo in 2015 for a marketing project in line with the General Elections. As there was little lead time from the announcement, a quick turnaround was needed. The entire website was set up, designed and developed in less than a week’s time, and has collected more than 17,000 entries in less than 5 days’ time.

Contests and online polls

Following the success of the campaign, Voidworks was further commissioned to create similar poll sites for various events such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas, with a slightly different twist each time.

Online to Offline

For Chinese New Year 2016, there was a need for something more engaging, so we designed and developed a game where the user can win one-time use coupons via email and redeem them in-store. The user can also login to view and manage their prizes.