Software Development / Creative Coding

In a collaboration with Multimedia People, Voidworks was asked to develop a permanent generative art piece for W Hotel Singapore, on a wall located at its entrance.

The exploratory process started with a prototype which mirrored the proportions of the actual wall which was being constructed. A simple particle system was designed to the physicality of the wall, with many parameters nudging its movements and colours.

These were then tweaked with the optimal ones being recorded, serving as points of reference for varying systems which morph into each other to generate different results all the time.

3D Printing / Interface Design / Concept Development

Action Becomes Object. The action of pouring water into a vase becomes the vase itself. By simulating fluid action on the computer, Fluid Vase is an experiment on how the future of manufacturing can be.

The project is inspired by the inherent advantages of 3D printing, Here, the story is conveyed by the customization interface, which eventually results in a physical object.

Fluid Vase has been featured in international publications and design blogs including Surface Asia, designboom, Fast Co.Design, Wired, Creative Applications Network and DesignNet Korea.

Interaction Concept / Web Design / Web Development

The Poverty Line Website

Commissioned by award-winning photographer Stefen Chow, Voidworks conceptualised and built a website to present his project on "What does it mean to be poor?"

More than just a gallery, the website allows the user to select his own journey by having different parameters to choose from. For example, you can compare the amount of fruits a poor person can buy from Germany and from France.

The Poverty Line was featured on BBC with the launch of the new website.

Concept Development / App Design / iOS Development

Emojify App on App Store

Emojify brings Emoji to ASCII Art, the first and only app in the App Store which transforms photo pixels into emoticons, creating unique pictures. The resulting images are rendered entirely with Emoji icons.

Users are able to customise their images by varying the number of the icons used to render their pictures or by changing the contrast of the algorithm. They can then share their creations via Facebook, Twitter, Weibo or Email. Emojify also exports up to 16 megapixels so that they can print them as posters and hang around their walls at home.

The core functionality of Emojify is developed on a weekend, and finalised for submission in two weeks. Emojify is featured on various international blogs including Fast Co.Design, Gizmodo, The Next Web, designboom and The Creators Project. It is also part of the Emoji Art & Design Show at EyeBeam, NYC.

Creative Coding / Video Production

From the styles of old pixel art to simulation systems, various algorithms were written to draw the Lacoste crocodile were created to reinforce Lacoste's image of innovation. Unlike traditional animation techniques where the artist define the keyframes, the video is produced by programming simple rules which nudges the motion.

Produced for launch of Lacoste L.12.12: Lacoste In Motion, at an old factory building at Kim Yam Road in Singapore. Commissioned by Lacoste and Kult3D.

Concept Development / Interface Design / Software Development

Voidworks was commissioned by Maxus Global to create an app for visualising mobile usage data at the BPG WPP conference, used by the CEO for his keynote. Completed in 2 weeks from design to development, the app demonstrates the different types and volume of mobile activities people are engaged in via different times of the day and different geographical locations, juxtaposed with traffic incidents.

A map interface is created where the user can pan, zoom in and pinpoint the address of each bar by clicking on it, together with the timeline. Anonymous CSV data is provided by Singtel and LTA/buUuk via the UP Singapore platform while aggregated data is provided by Flurry Analytics.

Brand Design / Web Design

UP Singapore Website

The UP Singapore brand was designed from scratch for Newton Circus, from the logo to the website, to documentation of the art direction to guide future updates.

UP stands for Urban Prototyping and has a positive message. It organises hackathons to produce urban solutions with the use of data. The logo and website is designed to communicate these nuances and functions.

App Design / Brand Design

MoBuzz is an Android app by the Centre of Social Media Innovations for Communities (COSMIC), Nanyang Technological University, licensed to the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC), Sri Lanka, to aid their efforts in fighting Dengue.

Voidworks was asked to redesign the tablet app for health workers in their local hospitals, many of whom have no prior experience with smart mobile devices. Working in collaboration with research engineers from COSMIC, we simplified the interaction flow and layout according to specifications and feedback from CMC.

Concept Development / iOS Development

What is the color of joy? What is the color of sorrow? 'The Color Of' project is an attempt to objectively answer this question.

For example, when you search for 'love', The Color Of grabs pictures from Instagram or Flickr tagged with 'love' and overlap them to produce an abstract image with one or two dominant colors. This then can be seen as the color of 'love'.

'The Color Of' began as a web app which eventually is developed into an iPhone app. Collectively, the project has over 300 000 visits and users since its creation and receiving a FWA Mobile in 2012.